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Fc Bayern 4-2-3-1 Gegenpress Feedback appreciated

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Hello guys,

I hope some of you can help me with this tactic.

I want to play Gegenpress and fast attacking football nothing out of the ordinary.


The type of goals/attack I envision are:

  • Because of overload and combinations on the right side. That's why I chose a mezzala, inverted winger, and a wing-back for some width. Mez-A cause I think there needs some drive to the goals to create some chances.
  • If the overload on the right side struggles or if the ball goes to Thiago he tries to create a threat with through balls or a cross to the left side, which is on full attack to use the spaces. Cm-U I see as a general help to give the midfield some stability but I also think a Box-Box could be better although I don't know what exactly differs those two. The DLF-U is used just as a link between attack and midfield either on the overload side or the left side.
  • The next possibility for chances is made by playing overlaps or underlaps, depending on which side, to create dynamic football.

In my mind, this tactic looks exactly like what I thought about but on the field shows me the reality.


General lack of pass security which is understandable because I have high-tempo with rather direct passing but still from a side like Munich its confusing ( I guess the cause lies within the tactic).

There isn't a useful overload they just push the ball around until they lose it or give it to Thiago who shows his occasional genius.

The left side looks blank and uncreative. There isn't combination anywhere besides the occasional chance.






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1 hour ago, Experienced Defender said:

If you want to play gegenpress and/or fast attack, why have you opted for a bottom-heavy formation (flat 4141), to begin with? 

In my experience 4-2-3-1 results in crowded places and rather bad defensive performance.

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4 hours ago, torchibo said:

In my experience 4-2-3-1 results in crowded places and rather bad defensive performance

I did not mention the 4231 specifically, although that formation would definitely be far more suitable for a style of football like gegenpress and fast attacking football than flat 4141. The 4123 wide would be an even better choice due to its nice balance, but flat 4141 is really not suited to such styles of play. 

Anyway, good luck :thup:

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The problem is, that you lack the numbers to press high up the field. If you reduce your LoE and press in the middle of the pitch, the flat 4141 may work. You have much space to counter but usually the opponents will stay deep against Bayern.

If you want to press high you need at least 2 but better 3 or 4 players harassing the opponents defenders or defensive midfielders.

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