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Chinese Super League unable to sign players over 17 bug? (FM17)

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I haven't found any discussions about this issue anywhere else so I decided to make and account here and ask about it myself. I'm not sure if this is a bug or not but I'm managing a club in the Chinese super league and the clubs there are bound by a rule only allowing them to sign 8 domestic players above the age of 17 each season. However, for some reason the game thinks I'm signing a lot more domestic players than I actually am and have effectively blocked me from being able to sign any domestic players. For example in my current season I had 3 domestic transferred arranged for the very first day of the season in an attempt to circumvent this issue, but they all got cancelled and the game believes that I have already sign 10 players above the age of 17. I'm currently in the 11th year of this save and this issue had only really started appearing in the more recent years. I don't think I can continue playing without the ability to sign more domestic players but I really don't want to lose this save, has anyone else encountered this and is there any way for me to fix it? Thanks!

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