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[FM20] Elizabeth Islands

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I'm here to finally release my Elizabeth Islands database (at last)


This database consists of 3 divisions and 52 teams! Ranging from the busy streets of Sudsbury, to the oil rig island of Mauden!

This database also includes an FA cup and a super cup.

(this db moves Kazakhstan to Asia and reactivates the Pre-1922 Ireland)



Elizabeth Islands is an archipelago east of Scotland, they have a rich footballing history, yet they had no official national leagues before the 2019/20 season. Football was only played regionally, from island to island basis.
52 clubs have signed up to the divisions. 16 in the premier division, 18 in the first division, and 18 for the second division. [WIP, will polish in the FM21 version of this database)

Premier LeagueDivision OneDivision Two

Map of the archipelago.



Big props to Tedium, FMGamer101, and ManuelMelcon for helping me out in the creation of the database! 

Here's the logopack, flags and national badges haven't been added yet... only club logos. (Kits are also coming soon)

Elizabeth v2 v2.fmf

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