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Creating Space Between Attacking Midfielders

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Trying to create the correct spacing between three attacking midfielders in a 3-4-3 strikerless.



This is the current tactic in the game I'm playing. The right and left sided AM's are being asked to: dribble more, stay wider, tackle harder and close down more. The central AM is being asked to: Dribble more, move into channels (perhaps this is a problem?), close down, tackle harder.



In game this is how they bunch up (10, 11, 25). I would like the two AM (A) to be playing on the shoulder of the opposition CB's while moving vertically rather than occupying the space of the other. Only the central AM (S) has "Comes deep to get ball" but neither AM (A) has "likes to beat offside trap".


Any advice people have would be appreciated. I'd like the wider AM's to be playing wider, allowing for connections with the DW's and generally offering a shape more conducive to meaningful ball movement.

I figured perhaps I was speaking too soon, so I let it play another few minutes. This is a great picture.

image.thumb.png.3a3f9fda8bbee3ff3435da7abab9f7d0.png All three standing on top of each other.

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Well, in my opinion, playing 3 players in the same strata, and also using the same role, even tho they have different duties, will create this pattern. You can maybe put both wide AMCs in the wide with some role that keep them more narrow, if you really expect them to produce this pattern. Or you can try to change the roles to produce something different, but I think they will continue to be on top of each other. I don't know exactly what you plan with this front three, but both are solutions to at least maintain them in different spaces. 

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I don't see how that tactic scores goals, unless you get really lucky on through balls.  Why don't you just play them in the wide position, instead of centrally?  Also, you want them to sit on the shoulders of defenders like strikers do, but you aren't using strikers.

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Appreciate the feedback. Sometimes it's easy to get fixated on an idea that just doesn't work. I have since modified this to a traditional 3-4-3 which is working nicely.


image.thumb.png.fbe5de5ea86e64e7b8d5a24e13404820.png I think a strikerless 3-4-3 or 3-5-2 could work but perhaps needs a greater mind than me.

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13 hours ago, mss100 said:

Was trying to create a high intensity system that moved the ball quickly and directly

In that case, a strikerless system makes even less sense. Instead, you could go with 3 strikers (e.g. 343 or 433) or an AMC and 2 strikers (3412). 

You should also remove both extreme width and work ball into box IMHO. 


13 hours ago, mss100 said:

Aimed to stack bodies in a compact space to maximise chance of winning the ball back and then break forwards quickly

If you want that, then you need better compactness, i.e. a smaller distance between D-line and LOE (optimally, the DL should be 1 notch higher than LOE). Yours is quite the opposite. Therefore, instead of your combo of higher DL and much higher LOE, for the style of football you want to play - I would go with higher DL but standard LOE. And probably without Prevent short GKD. Instead, a split block would be a better choice. 

Btw, what's the reasoning behind using a formation without fullbacks or wing-backs? Is it because you don't have (enough) players for these positions or perhaps something else?

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