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MLS: Released players still counting to wage cap

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Hi all, hopefully you can save my save!

I was having a really fun time playing as Inter Miami in the MLS. Consolidated in 2020, 2nd in 2021, MLS Cup and Supporters Shield in 2022 and in 2023... nightmare!!


I've built a really sweet team who are playing exactly how I want but halfway through my season disaster has struck and I'm £12k over the cap of £63k.


On further inspecation I have found that £13.7k of this is due to "Released players salary cap impact".


Now I get that those that are on Guaranted Contracts are continued to be paid by the club when waived but I've taken care not to do this.

I've also been into my transfer history and into every single player I've sold over the past 3.5 seasons and cant find anything that would indicate that any of them are being paid by Miami.


This has made having my team impossible. I can only register 12 players and this means I'm leaving out several key players and the game just fills in the remaining players (to get to the minimum of 15) with terrible regens.


I was considering putting this in the "bug" forum but I'm not sure if it's me missing something.


I really hope someone can help me out, I'm at a loss and fear I've potentially lost my sace.


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