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Academy for Romani people in Hungary

gergo fmstories

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Hi there, 

I'd like to start a challenge in fm20 and I need some help with the editor side of it.

My goal is to start a football academy (a club) in Hungary for Romani people only. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Romani_people)
Currently as far as i'm concerned Romani people are not represented in fm20 so i guess i'd have to create it somehow.

My wish is to create the club in the lowest league in hungary and to have a transfer policy to only be able to sign Romani people (actually it can be done without editor rules) and all the youths coming thru for this club should be all and only Romani as well.
I'd like to be able to set the names, the appeareance, the general talent level (youth level), etc of the group as well.  Maybe the general personality of the youths coming thru as well if it's possible.

I think it should be something like the basque / Atletic Bilbao / spain thing but actually I dont really know how thats done in fm editor.

Ideally their nationality should be Hungarian but I have a feeling that it can only be done with the second nationality thing (which is not a the case IRL but its ok for the game. )

Any ideas? 

Really appreciate the help. 

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You could consider adding a language Romani to the game, add several retired or old people with Romani names, create a city and club, where the city has the Romani language (not sure if this realistic for you).

That way you create Hungarian with Romani language

The Bilbao style is not possible, as SI have hardcoded Athletic Bilbao to get Basque players only.

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You can revive Bermuda Hogges (at least in FM18) and change all three nationalities (based, continental etc) to England (for example), pop them in the Premier League, and have a Chivas-type team that can only sign English players. Should work with any nationality.



However, it's of limited help to OP as so far I can't figure out a way to do it with another nationality other than the host country (i.e. Athletic and Basque).

Reviving them but not changing the nationalities, or setting "nationality" and "based nationality" to 2 different nationalities, doesn't actually let you sign anyone. Worked in FM13 though iirc.

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That's how it's set as default, the team played in the US leagues but "based" in Bermuda.

I recall using them in a custom FM13 db and it worked with the Bermudans-only hard-coding.

But in FM18 the game gets confused, if you try to sign a Bermudan it says you can't sign "non-Americans".

If you try to sign any non-Bermudans (including Americans) it says you can't sign anyone but Bermudans.

But there must be other extinct clubs with weird hard-coding like this?

EDIT: this should get its own thread

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