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Hi everyone, new member here and not sure if this is appropriate to ask here but thought I would give it a try! I've created a new Scottish league system using the editor. It includes a 4 team playoff for the league title, another one for Europa League places and a 2 team playoff for the EURO CUP II place when it comes into the game. However there's quite a few issues, including an error message saying that not all stages have been completed. I also created a Scottish Super Cup between the league winner and the Scottish cup winner but am having issues adding it to the season. Would anyone on here be able to take a look at the file and make some changes to ensure it functions properly? Or give some advice on how to fix it myself?

Scotland Changes.fmf

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The error Not all stages have been completed is a well known one.

It means you didn't leave time between the end of your football season and the end of the season for the playoffs.

Check if your last date of the competition is the same as the last day of the season you have set. If so, move your competition end back a bit.

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