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'Use Fake Players' Idea


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This is going to be a very self-indulgent request, but here goes anyway.

The 'use fake players' option, as you may know, simply overwrites each real player with a new regen name, different DOB, and occasionally a new nationality. I never really saw the point of it but I do find it useful to obscure who each player is.

What I'd like to see is another option which generates an entirely fresh, home-grown squad for every club in every league you've enabled (plus some extras, depending on what database size you use) - much like the result of clearing all the players out of Arsenal, for example, and using 'add players to playable teams'; you get a new squad of English players, with the odd Irishman or Carribbean player here and there. The issue is with this option, the players' CA/PA is capped out at 130 or so. None of them seem to be over the age of 30, either.
I have tried an experiment whereby I add a load of new players to the emptied-out team, simply giving them a name, a nationality and a contract, leaving everything else blanks, and letting the game engine take care of the rest upon starting the career. Doing it this way does make some more half-decent players. I wanted to do an experiment where I do this for every club in every single country, but while I'm a bit crazy on this idea, I'm not crazy enough to spend months manually adding in thousands of players in every country around the world, so I thought I'd put a request in instead. Also, players created this way will always have flat 10s in every personality stat due to the editor defaulting them to 10 when creating a new player.

I feel like there are a fair few people out there who would also be interested in this idea - I think it would add an entirely new flavour to be able to step into a completely unfamiliar footballing landscape and build your own team basically from scratch. You can do this by the aforementioned database clearing, but being able to build from a team that is already semi-competent would be more engaging. To me, anyway.

Cheers for reading!

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