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This game is awful, wish I hadn't purchased it

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I've been playing CM and FM since CM4, and this version is the worst.  I play as Real Madrid and I just cant get any success with them this year.

FM19 I played 4-2-3-1 Control Possession with 2 WB, 2 BPD, 1 BWM, 1 DLP, 2 IF, 1 AM and 1 AF.  No PI's just TI's of Play Out of Defence, and short passing.

Tried the same this year and can't win no matter what I do.  Even tried some tactics from this site and from other sites, and my team just cannot play football.  Defenders just watch as the opposing strikers just dribble from their own half and slot the ball in the goal, whilst my strikers couldn't hit a building from 10 feet away!

Think my time on FM is done for.  This game is just too crap for me now.

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Fine- there is no issue with you expressing your opinion.  I would suggest that if you cannot be successful with Real Madrid, there may be some tactical issues that you could change and so if you want help, go to the Tactics forum and open a thread there with as much detail as possible and the experts in there can have a look for you.

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So you aren’t winning every game with Real Madrid the game is crap?

It sounds like your tactics that you used last year just don’t work this year. Try changing them! Gengenpress is the go to Tactic this year. I’ve won like 14 titles/cups with it. I’ve had to change it for each club I’ve used and sometimes each season. 

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@DanscoFM - I don't expect to win every game with Real Madrid, but I expect them to perform well even if I lose.  I have been watching football long enough to know that even though you massively outperform the opponent, they can sometimes scrape a win. The defenders just seemed to press the opposition but not actually do anything else, and the strikers were having around 15 shots per match but would more likely hit the corner flag than the goal!

I have actually changed to a gegenpress rather than control possession and have won the quadruple with Real Madrid without any signings highlights being beating Liverpool in the final of CL 5-0, and only changed a couple of things tactically.  I know the engines change each year but I would have thought Real players were good enough that if your tactics weren't bang on you could scrape some wins.

Anyway, I am once again enjoying FM20 (finally :D) 

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