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Complete wingback as goalscoring threat?

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Watched lyon vs man city and was intrigued at how maxwel cornet wrecked city from his new position as a wingback. Lyon seemed to defend in a 532 and attack in a 433 with cornet pushing up to form the front three. Tempted to try it out in a throwaway save soon before waiting for FM21. Has anyone managed to get a CWB to be a main goalscoring threat?

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Not a CWB but an IWB can

I had a CM retrained to be IWB and in his debut season at 19yo he instantly became one of the top players of the competition, scoring quite a few mostly from the edge of the box where he was left completely unmarked. 
The downside is that you lose your attacking width though so while it worked in some games, it didn't in others where I struggled to find space. 

He had PI to get into opposition area

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