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How to edit price award of a league ?


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Hi everyone,

I'm playing on FM since 2010 and i'm editing frequently my databases to make some funny facts on my saves. (names, players, clubs, etc.)

But today, i saw something wrong that i want to change

In Champion's League, the teams don't earn any cash price when they get out before group stage ... But in Euro cup, they did ! 

It's unfair because i won my league and if i'm getting out before groupe stage, i earn less playing champion's than clubs in Euro cup cup :(


I want to change this and i know it is possible in advanced settings, but the tips i used to test it weren't good, and leagues cannot be tested ! :(


Could you help me ?

Thank you guys ! 

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You have two options:

a) The easiest: Go to the download section and find @Carlito85 UEFA revival, it has tons of champions/uefa league/etc versions, take the one you like.

b) The hardest: Rebuild the competitions by yourself (if you want a tip, see option a and examine one of the databases to have a starting point), in each stage you can set the money per round in the general tab of each round:


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