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Odd contract situation

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Hi guys, I have encountered something I have never seen before.  I am not sure what I am looking for with this thread, but I guess I will share and see what other people's experiences are.


I am playing FM19 with an updated database, as Liverpool.  I am in 2022 and we have had a lot of success largely due to a downloaded tactic.  My players have been asking for a lot of really large contracts, all of which I have refused and there has been a bit of a clear out.  Salah, Firmino, Alexander-Arnold, Gomez have all asked for more than 350K per week (although Alexander-Arnold, Firmino and Gomez is still here, they had long term contracts and seem to be happy with Henderson constantly telling them that things are ok!). 1 such case in van Dijk.  For the last year of his contract, he has (at the highest point) asked for 450K per week with 85K for each game (he was on 200K per week and 40K per game).  I refused and didn't sell him.  As a few clubs were sniffing around him, I assumed he would be gone at the end of the season, so i bought 1 highly rated young CB for 60 mil, and a few other cheap young CB prospects.  However, the end of the year came and he didn't sign with anybody else!  We are now at the end of September in 2022, and he is still here on a month by month contract.  I assume he is asking too much for any other club to sign him, and his agent is still asking too much (although much less than before, closer to 300K per week), in fact he states that the last contract negotiation was wasting his time (cheeky sod).  So, as I expected him to go, it kind of means I have an excess of CBs and I am scared to send a couple out on loan just in case van Dijk gets a contract and leaves. 


Anybody else experienced anything like this?

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This month-to-month limbo situation I've seen with AI clubs before but not at player clubs...do you have a DoF? He may be able to negotiate a deal with any greedy players as they sometimes have a knack for squishing down their demands.

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I had one young regen goalkeeper from Ghana on shortlist. Never signed him cause of international slots limit (was at MLS atm), but I kept my eye on him. Anyway, his contract expired and he became free agent and for two years he was free agent. He had 80% recommendation from my scouts (LA Galaxy), so he is not crap, but he couldnt find new club for such a long time.


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