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How to see the European qualification places in my league?

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I'm managing in the Republic of Ireland and I'm wondering how I can see which league positions qualify for which European competitions. I've checked the "Competitions > Irish Premier Division > Rules" section and that just tells me the prize money for each position, and the relegation/relegation playoff positions, but nothing for the European qualifications. I was looking at the table and realised that there are different "shades" of colour for different positions in the table, for example last place (10th) is a deep red as that is automatic relegation, second last place (9th) is a lighter shade of red as that qualifies you for a relegation playoff.

Similarly, 1st place is a deep shade of green as that qualifies you for the Champions League qualifiers, and from personal experience I know both 2nd and 3rd place usually qualifies you for the European Conference League (Euro II Cup). However I've just started a new season and have noticed that the table appears to have changed, with second place now a sort of blue (?) colour, and 3rd-6th place are all a light shade of green. I was wondering if the league had possibly changed rules or maybe there was a playoff for the final European Conference League position, but can't seem to find it anywhere.

Can anyone tell me where I go to get a definitive answer on this, as I want to make sure I play out this season knowing exactly where I need to finish :lol:

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