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Questions about club vision and media prediction

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Hi guys,

From my recent saves I've found a phenomenon(I dont know it's valid or not): the club vision always corresponds to the media predicted ranking. It's like if the media says that my upcoming ranking is 2 and 4, the goal from the board will be promotion and playoffs.

But now I feel kind of stressed out, because I just toughly managed to skybet league one and then the board requires me to get into playoffs right after that.(My media predicted ranking is 4)

I wonder what this media ranking depends on? I am not sure if the reputation accounts for all, since Basingstoke is not likely to be a wellknown league one team. Does it depend on average ability?

If that is the case, I have loaned 8 great players last year, did this “false prosperity” somehow pushes up the expectation of the board and the media?

Thanks a lot.

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It is likely that your board expectation and media prediction will be linked as they will both use the same data to arrive at an outcome.  Club reputation within your country will be taken into account along with the financial security and board ambition.  An ambitious board will always be pushing you to overachieve and as long as they give you the tools to achieve that in terms of transfer and wage budgets, they will expect you to get close to your targets.

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