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Youth System Testing


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Hi guys,

I've been working on a little something for the past week that I'd love to get some feedback on.

I've created a new league system for both u18s and u23s which features 160 teams in 16 divisions (Prem -> Div 15) which includes teams from each club for the PL to Van N/S.
This adds the ability to use reserve sides in competitive games, which is not possible in the lower leagues. The idea in theory is that as your club develops, the facilities develop, you develop better youngsters and climb the ranks to play against better youngsters, etc.

I've also included the return of Bury to L1 (-12pts and no players currently), they also have teams entered in the u18 and u23 systems.

I've tested this myself so far on FM editor (no issues) and I've also simmed 3 years through in game with no issues.

If anyone if interested I'll attach the file below for you to look at and if you have any feedback I'd be very grateful.

Add any questions you have if you're interested

The Kids are Alright.fmf

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