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I posted this in the ultimate feature request thread but decided to post it in its own thread as well. 

I don’t mean crazy FIFA 21 graphics with ultra shadows and all that madness. I’m talking something like FIFA 14 or 10 graphics for the ME. I say this because I play 99.9% of the time with 2D graphics (I switch it to 3D to watch my boys raise the trophy or the walk out in a CL match). I do this for two reasons. The first is it helps me get a better visual of how my tactic is working as well as the opposition’s. Second, I find it easier to imagine my high dribbling playmaker gliding through defenders and breaking ankles than just watching him move quickly left or right on the 3D ME. I imagine my defender slipping due to wet grass when he misses that interception or tackle as opposed to just seeing him stand there as the striker capitalized on his mistake. I imagine my keeper making acrobatic saves as opposed to seeing him just squat and stick his arms out. You get the idea.

I think upgrading the ME graphics to FIFA 10 or 14 visuals would add a lot more enjoyment to the next game. It would definitely make me buy the next FM that’s for sure. 

Also, adding more player celebrations like the team embracing each other or the player jumping into the stands to celebrate with the fans would add to the original request (graphics). And please more attire for our managers!

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