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Role focused training schedule?

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What I notice about training in FM19/20 is that most sessions don't allow the players to work on their role training.

Should I take it to mean that 1) those sessions that don't specifically state "20% Priority>Individual Roles" for specific training units don't allow any role training in that period?

Or is it a case of 2) how it used to be with the general team training slider in FM18 and prior, something like 10-60% of the time in general training depending on the slider, the rest of the time spent on individual training regardless of the general training?

By the way, if scenario 1) applies, if you look at all the sessions, it's worth noticing that the Attacking unit only gets role training if you set Goalkeeping, specific Goalkeeping or Aerial/Ground defence sessions, and the Defending unit only gets role training if you assign Chance Creation, Chance Conversion, general Goalkeeping or specific Goalkeeping sessions.

If scenario 1) applies, then if those aforementioned sessions are assigned, only 20% of the time is spent devoted to the role training during those periods.

I wonder if there is a way for role training to carry more weight?

The reason I want my players to focus on their roles is so that they can acquire the maximum gains in the key attributes for their roles.

Anyway, here is a schedule I designed to try to get the most out of role training. Will I see more fine tuned gains this way?



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There's team training on one hand and individual training on the other hand. The latter is when they will work on their roles and extra training. 

Also during match preparation team training they will improve their tactical and role familiarity

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