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General improvements to add immersion


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1.If you have 20 20 for CA/PA sporting director why are they  choosing rubbish players to sign who will never get out of the reserves mistakes are made in real life but not as bad as director of football guys in fm20

2. I've got world class facilities and technical manager why are you choosing staff which wouldn't be key at a league 2 club for the club to sign? 

3. Have loan managers be useful have them cancel loans if they are not playing well and immediately have them find your player another club which has the best facilities offer more  playing time etc. 


General improvements to increase immersion 

1. Allow us to have show off new players like real Madrid and Barcelona do and the bigger the player the more fans turn up could make money doing this aswell show do an animation of kickups or saving shots or taking shots 

2. Allow us to show training sessions so we can watch them and also make a bit of money but make this skipable. 

3. Visable stand names and if we there is a stand avaliable give us the option to have our name or someone else's. 

4. If a player has a crazy amount of poetental and a scout finds him you should be told directly and if theres a guy who the club feels is the next Messi and his available for quite cheap then the club should try sign him on your behalf. 

5. Add hidden data on former players for example if my player could be the next Owen he should be forced to have similar attributes to him so he developes into something similar im not saying this should mean he is gaurenteed to be as good but he should match his style. 

6 Regen players/coaches if a player who favours your club has a kid maybe they can ask you if you will take their son into the academy. 

7. If a player has a good attitude and thier contract is 6 months to the end have the ability to sign them to a new deal with the forced promise that you will add a reasonable release clause and a percentage of the next sale to them for been loyal. 

8. You sign a player who is like a young Messi or Ronaldo give us a template for players to be trained to try and be like them for example you put the players name in has to be world class obviously then you tick attempted to emulate player and then it trains the players stats to try match Ronaldo and trains the player to try gain his traits it would make higher poetenal players more fun to have and mould and we could say we formed the next best player from nothing. 

9. Have scouts tell you in the report they can see this player been the next ronaldo/Messi etc. 

10. Have staffs stats grow more because if you are a former player and you train attacking and are using the best facilities and the team is winning stuff for 20 years then your stats as a staff member should grow. 

11. Foreign academy bases. 

12. Allow us to send staff on courses for example send a staff member to train to be a technical coach if you think he would be better than a defensive coach also would be good for the all rounders who are average at everything. 

13. Casemiro was originally a striker but when he was at academy level all the boys there said they was strikers so Casemiro didn't think he would have a chance so he said he was a central midfielder also torres was a goalkeeper so maybe have players come into the academy in the wrong position but allow us to change positions to match the stats given but allow them to change position at academy level faster as it would be frustrating if we have to wait 6 months for a player to learn a new position and miss out on other important development. 

14. Your agent his agent your agent tells you if there is someone on his book you should sign. 

15. Get rid of static poetental for regens if a player plays good everyweek have it keep changing  Messi and Maradona and also Pirlo Wasent always rated. 

16. Very rarely have clubs try bribe you and offer out bribes with the risk of getting caught.

17. Be able to scout school kids in local football clubs around the country. 

18. Offer to pay all your players to go on holiday together if you win something but don't have it effect morale if you don't want to send them make it a surprise thank you thing not complulsary. 

19. Be able to build friendships with the staff and players we get attached to the players but never the coaches they are too much in the back ground be able to offer them to join your new club. 

20. You can be 1st in England and still get taken over by local business men this should be removed local businessmen can't fund Premier league sides.

21. The big clubs always get a few wonderkids but if you are Luton win Premier leagues and champions leagues and have world class facilities the other teams still get better players than you. 

22. Increase some countries youth ratings Englands should be higher than 160.

23. Be able to search players by goals scored/assists/clean sheets.

24. Offer houses in contracts to players who are from abroad but are happy where they are offer them somewhere better to live. 

25. Have a club community bar in the dynamics if you visit hospitals etc do shirt signings you become more popular with the community and it raises tickets on match day and also increase the stadium capacity limit because some other sports  have higher capacity stadiums then the fm expansion capacity limit give us. 

26. Add match commentary don't even have to get someone official to do it just someone from SI with a golden voice though this would have to be done when viewing the match at normal speed. 

27. voiced press conferences 

28. Show flair on the pitch i want to see the difference on the ball between Messi and a pub league player if a player scores a hatrick in league 2 it looks the same as in the champions league final. 

29. release dlc for those with more capable machines I could run fifa 19 well on a 7 year old gaming laptop. 

30. Include team chants into the game. 

31. If we manage a B team we should be offered a job at the first team it we do really well like in real life. 

32. Add stars to club badges when winning a champions league if you win more than a certain ammount say 5 put a scroll below saying

"25 time champions league winners" instead of filling a A1 sheet full of stars update this scroll every 5 champions league wins after 5 have been won. 

33. Do something with the badges to make them look better when they are not licenced maybe start with the big leagues. 

34. Be able to hire a nutritionalist 

35. If you expand a stadium part of the stadium which is having work on it should be closed and effect ticket sales. 

36. If a board member wants you to sign youth players or build from the academy you shouldn't be sacked for doing so because you didn't beat all the big clubs with academy products. 

37. If the board wants you to be a top half team in 2 years time they need to provide us with bigger transfer budgets. 

38. We should be able to make a request to the club that they pay debts off using transfer money or out of the bank if you have 1 billion in the bank you shouldn't be paying 100k installments till 2075.

39. If we don't use the transfer money it should stack onto the following season it would be great for risk verses reward rather than having £50m and the following season it changing to £45m obviously this could proberly be exploited so maybe make it so it happens only over 2 seasons but I have also never seen lost transfer money go into the clubs balance. 

40. If a big club wants your best player we should be able to request free loans from them as a clause 

I understand this would be difficult to negotiate if the big club doesn't want to loan the players you want or the players don't want to join you to get around this i would make it so when you select the player you want to loan and if the player wants to join on loan it goes green if not it goes red if this happens you should he given unlimited amount of times to keep suggesting players you want to loan in. 

The other way of doing it would be you add loan player free clause and press suggest deal and then the big club give you a list of players who are willing to join you as part of this deal both the player and the club that is and if it has to be one player only you choose one but you can also loan in any amount of players you want as long as it aligns with your current leagues rules. 

41. If we do an outstanding job for a B team we should be offered a role at the main club like with Zidane he was at Real Madrid Castilla then got offered a job at the main club Real Madrid. 

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