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[Suggestion] "Historical Reputation" vs "Current Reputation" for teams


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The current Reputation system for teams isn't perfect. I believe that splitting it into "Current Reputation", for a team's performances in, say, the past 3-5 years, weighted more towards the most recent season, and "Historical Reputation", for a team's performance and stature throughout its history, would better model how the game interacts with a team's reputation. For example, relatively big teams like Sunderland, Palermo, 1860 Munich and Kaiserslautern who have underperformed relative to their fanbases/stadium size and suffered relegations and financial woes, would have a high HistRep compared to other teams in their leagues, but similar CurrentRep. This would make for more accurate situations with players requesting new contracts or transfers - e.g. a player from Kaiserslautern, a "big" team stuck in the midtable of the German third division, requesting a transfer to Heidenheim, a "village team" contending for promotion from the second division. A small team who are promoted through the divisions and qualify for continental competition would therefore have a much higher CurrentRep than their HistRep. Teams would be more likely to Park The Bus against an opponent with a high CurrentRep and low HistRep than against a team with a high HighRep but low CurrentRep, as the current reputation system factors too much into an AI team's tactics against their opposition.

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