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It i have edit and create don't show Up in the game


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Hey there 

All IT i have make and edit don't show Up in the game

Fx i have set a club down to the another division, but the club still show Up in the division there Søre in the game, in the game

And the club i have create can i not choose to start Play with 

Please help.me

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First thing first, we need more details to give a proper answer:

a) what league?

b) can you provide screens?

c) are you using a downloaded database, or the original FM 20 database?

d) Did you put your team in a playable league?

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20 minutes ago, Davir said:


Tried several test, but none of them was satisfactory.  Including making a new database from scratch to see if you made a mistake while in the 3K+ changes you did.  But no, the club I changed appears grayed out and not the club that in the editor files appears.  It seems to me that you can't add a "new" club to a Denmark league.  But I don't know if that is a bug or not. 

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