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International match reports - goalkeepers

Robbie Hood

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This is not a suggestion of a new feature of anything in FM, but more of a tweak.
I always read the international match reports for my players, but i always get annoyed when reading the feedbak for my goalkeepers.

Here my goalkeeper Danny Ward played for Wales. He kept a clean sheet as they won 2-0 and he made 2 out of 2 saves.

He only connected with 11 out of 22 passes and got a match rating of 6.7.

My problem is this: He will have EVERY REASON to be unhappy with his performance?

I would think he would be very pleased with his performance and clean sheet even though many passes didn`t connect.

This might not be the best example, but this also happens when keepers get a 6.9 rating - they will have every reason to be unhappy.....I understand that it`s not a headline grabbing performance but i don`t understand why it has to say "every reason to be unhappy......" This needs tweaking for future versions. That`s all :)

Screenshot (6).png

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