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Fmm 2021 Wish List. (Pleas Staff Fmm Review)


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Hello i would like that staff make more changes in Fmm 21

1.Manager contrat.Because look really weird when my option to leave team is really easy and look like amateur.

2.add new league like brasil and , croatia League and to be available manage Germany   national team.

3. 3D match engine 😍 that  Will be big change and evolution to we experienced something real.

4.Talking with team and player  in middle of match or to make conference before start match to show quality of my team and push them make good game.

5.Part of contrat if i loan my players to be more than a year.

6.Formation be more difficult and to have more options that players be in your fantasy like to i have more options that change my game cause with actually formation look so amateur 😅 and pleas add more player positions .

7.To select more than 4 leagues....i Select jus premier league seria a bundesliga and la liga but in Fmm have more amazing league like Liga 1,liga portugal or liga northland....etc so pleas in Fmm 21 fix this cause is so important for us.



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