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Supporters and a memory system added.


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The fans

1. Have a world wide fan panel like the staff panel to show how popular your team are in say Brazil the reason this should be added is simple you play a Brazilian wonderkid he becomes a legend your popularity in Brazil increases so you get more people from that country who support you who in turn want to join at academy level and beyond.

2. Sometimes us fans suggest certain things on social media about mistakes the manager is making ie picking the wrong player or too much faith has been put in a player add this. 

3. Have clubs target you just because you are a fan you have to be good enough to manage them aswell because it's nice for a club we support to come to us. 

4. Fan relationship if you have got a team promoted from the conference to the Premier league and you get relegated in your first season the fans should protest against your sacking maybe after getting sacked the club comes back offers you more money and transfer budget to go back so they don't fall out with the fans. 

5. If someone takes over from you and fails have the fans message the club begging them to try being you back. 

Include fan memories which effects the future of your career

1. Remember that time when you fell out with a squad and they refused to play for you. 

2. Remember that time when you could of signed the next Messi but didn't

3. Remember when you over spent and sent that club into administration. 

4. You are known for never given kids a chance the best regens won't join because they know your history. 

5. He doesn't use native players. 

6. Fans go wild world wide on social media if you are a world class manager joining a lower league club for example "why is this manager joining us (a conference club) when he has so many champions leagues" when your at these lower league clubs have clubs try to take advantage of you been a top manager at a Lower league club as you would be really cheap and get flooded with offers from every club because of this and if you turn these offers down it should make big news. 

7. Have players take less money and drop down a level if you have won alot of trophies. 

8. Remember that time when he left a club which was about to be relegated we don't want someone like that here. 

9. Why would we want him here his disloyal. 

10. If a clubs star player doesn't like you have the club inform you because of your history with one of our players we cannot hire you at this time as we feel it would be unsuitable. 

11. Hero returns home you won everything at Club X moved on elsewhere you are fondly remembered so when you apply for the job at your old club the fans go crazy the board are falling over themselves to hire you declaring interest should have alot more power behind it if you are a club legend. 

12. Fans ask you to comeback on twitter and celebrate your successes elsewhere and if you did well at a club and you move on and your previous club has a downward slide then you should be able to see fans talking about how much they miss you been there. 

13 you leave for a fierce rival you get unfollowed and not wanted back at the club. 

14. A system where you are seen as a soft manager or a tough one maybe in the dynamics players either try harder because they see you care for them or don't put effort in because you are soft but if you go down the tough route players never are late for training nor do they ever not try but might sometimes struggle more under pressure because you know his in the dressing room waiting for you at half time. 

15. Remember that time when your XI refused to try in games because they didn't like you. 

16. Loan club memory ruined a clubs player in the past by loaning him in and not playing him that club remembers. 

17. You signed someone and treated them badly and in the future want to sign someone who is his friend and have the friend turn you down but add the ability to potenally sort things out with this player. 

18. Mocked a manager in the past he rubs it in your face when he wins against you or you fail in a competition. 

19. Add fan intelligence fans can normally tell you what is wrong at a club like add messages to social media saying things like "we keep conceding so much because we press so high and the back line isn't fast enough" 


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