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Social media overhaul/social 

1. Ability to see the number of twitter followers and have it change depending on how well you are doing.

2. Have social media notifications for example a regen named Roberto Romario from Brazil Post something about the club you are managing we could sign players because of this. 

3. Have the ability to talk to agents on twitter see if they have anyone avaliable on their books.

4. People who like you follow you on twitter like your status or talk about you and tag you in stuff.

 5. After games have the option to speak to the manager to try build positive relationships. 

7. Instead of picking who we support in menus allow us to mention it in a press conference like Haaland and Leeds United.

8. Have managers contact you for advice if you like each other. 

9. Add fan intelligence every time you try sign a player fans say baller even if he has 1 flair 1 dribbling if you support a club which was filled with slow players and then signed a speedster you would talk about his speed same with strength etc. 

10. Have more transfer rumours on the social page everyone talking about it when a fees been accepted maybe we could sign some good players doing this as we might be rumoured to be signing someone we are not interested in and then end up wanting to buy them. 

11. Update the social media page make it look like a real profile such as having a profile photo allow us to sent requests to add people as friends and a search bar and let us speak to people via multiple choice answers. 

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