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My Wishlist - Improvements Mainly


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I have been playing FM since 1991. I have owned every single release and have tens of thousands of hours across all games. I am really enjoying FM2020 but have noticed a few areas I think could be improved to make the game perfect and have been keeping notes on things I come across in game I feel could be improved.

- Better visuals for regens. A lot of similar looking and in some cases bugged regens with transparent skin etc. Another example is the manager creation where you scan your photo, its amazing, yet its then kind of ruined with a choice of an awful looking poor quality graphic hairstyle. I think this would really add to the immersion if it was revamped so players just look more realistic and individual.

- Media interactions have been rough for a while. I totally understand the part they play in the game, but is there no way we can have this developed a bit with a much larger variety of options that are available, even if they have the same effect, just some rotation so its not tedious pressing the same buttons all the time. This area could really shine it wasn't so basic imo and honestly it doesn't seem like its that complicated.

- Youth intake and development. I have players poached, yet I dont even know they exist... maybe I am doing something wrong but even if so its not obvious at all. How can I poach players? Why are my golden generations likely to never even make the first team squad? Just seems a bit scuffed to me and inaccurate, but again a great premise.

- Ability for better control of delegation. Delegation doesn't work very well right now, I see several posts which have the same issue as me where delegated staff do not attempt to sign players. The main thing for me is training, I want staff to run general training AND individual focus training. As in the drop down where you pick passing, final third, corners etc. This is tedious to manage. Constantly needs changing and updating and offers little reward unlike position training and move development. If I have individual training assigned to my assistant manager for example for my U23s, then try to change one of their positions, it asks me if I want to lose control for this one player, in reality I want to control all of the positional training and not the individual extra focus.

- Team shouts need development. I just choose demand more 80-90% of the time and it works just fine. Could really do with better development here, more reasons for other shouts more often etc. 

- Better credit for players who make good runs then miss shots. Players dribble through all the time and immediately lose .1 or even .2 if they miss especially in the first half. Seems to not count the great run or play beforehand.

- Improved social media. I think this could be so cool if it made sense. Just so bizarre when the teams star striker scores a brace and then the social media comments are intentionally divided with some nonsense comment about 'I've seen better' even tho-ugh he got a 9.5, 2 goals and an assist. Again I think this whole area could be really cool with a bit more variety and uniqueness about it, rather then the same simple formula and comments.

- Redundant scouting suggestions for players and competitions. It is so tedious to click through 40 or 50 recommended leagues and competitions to scout especially if you want to add some parameters to them. Just give me a way to make overarching decisions that refine scouting. Like maybe delegating scouting to my chief scout but with some conditions, for example players who fit my style to x% degree, players under 30 etc. 75% of the players recommended are never getting anywhere near my squad so some way to refine this a bit as well maybe.

- Too many OP South American regens. I am in 2027 and the premier league might as well be called the South American wonderkid league as literally every team from Brentford to Arsenal are just filled with South American wonderkids (probably thanks to the Brexit I got tbf). They are just too OP and too many compared to everything else from what I can see. Maybe just tone it down a little.

- I absolutely love VAR in this game its so cool, but again could really do with a little more development to make it far better. Every VAR decision is going to be a penalty or if its on the edge a freekick. In its current format its redundant. Make it so VAR can occur for close decisions not just for definite breaches, add some mystery to it! I know everytime its VAR whats going to happen before the decision, again could be so much more realistic fun and interesting.

- Onus on reputation across everything is a little too strong. This formula is clearly everywhere in this game, the one thing I can say as an example is as Barnet I got to the prem in five seasons, so obviously we have a low reputation right as a club sure. But then in my second season we qualified for Europa, end of season team meeting and everyone is very unhappy cause I dare suggest we should aim for a top half finish.... It just doesn't make sense. Or like when you qualify for champions league and a bottom half team come in for your star striker and hes unhappy you rejected the move because he wanted to move to a bigger club etc. Again just needs some tweaking to be more realistic or at least some variation in players so some may be more mercenary like whereas others will want to play for success and stick with the smaller team who are in the champs league etc.

- Constant nonsense training suggestions. Suggesting my CB should knock the ball past opponents and stuff is just silly, make the recommendations more position based and make better staff make better suggestions. Like if I am clearly training people positionally to fit into my system then maybe suggestions that support this.

- Silly one, but I have noticed since making the prem my last four seasons have all resulted in playing the same team twice in december in the middle of the season schedule. This season for example we play Man City in the prem on the 26th and the 28th as the 18th and 19th games of the season. Again kind of spoils the immersion a little as its not realistic.

- Game on the whole is too easy. I have a lot of fun, but I cant help think there could be a mode where it takes a lot longer to see peoples attributes and mentalities etc. would make the game a lot tougher and more realistic for veterans like myself. The game is really fun, I love it, but there really is no challenge anymore at all for me, I imagine this is the same for a lot of people. Would like to see a tougher game mode added as I described where attributes are less visible.

Probably a lot more I will think of but these are the ones to me that seem pretty simple to action and will really improve the realism and the immersion.

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