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Hunting the Canaries!

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The Sir Alex Ferguson challenge has been around the forums for years, and because I’m an avid watcher of The Reckonists streams on twitch, no plug :lol: I wanted to try this for myself, so i holidayed to November 6th and I got Norwich City!


The challenge stipulations

You MUST LOAD ONLY England to the Sky Bet Championship, with a small database.  No additions! **
You must always have a player produced by your club's academy in every match squad.
You MAY sign permanently NO MORE THAN 11 players in a season, and ONLY 8 PERMANENT signings may feature in the first-team that season!  Sir Alex never signed more than this ever in a season.
ALL Options should be unchecked except for "Do Not Add Key Staff" -- you may do cosmetic edits, so your use of the editor IS ON YOUR HONOR.
You MAY sign any player that you can scout.  You do not have to scout them, but you MUST be able to do so.
You MAY NOT ever do transfer business of any kind with your main rival.  (Liverpool/United have not exchanged a player since 1964.) [Phil Chisnall to Liverpool]


Win the FA Cup within 4 seasons - Ferguson won his first cup, the FA Cup vs Crystal Palace in 89/90
Win the Premier League within 7 seasons - Ferguson won his first Premier League in 92/93
Win a Premier League/FA Cup double within 8 seasons - Ferguson won his first Double with United in 93-94
Win Three Premier League/FA Cup Doubles within 13 seasons - Ferguson's Treble Included His Third League/FA Cup Double
Win the Premier League/FA Cup/Champions League Treble within 13 seasons - Ferguson Won the Infamous Treble in 98/99

Total Trophies 

Premier League (13)
FA Cup (5)
League Cup (4)
Community Shield (10)
UEFA Champions League (2)
UEFA Europa League (1) (Replaces the Cup Winners Cup) **
UEFA Super Cup (1)
FIFA Club World Cup (2) (One Replaces Intercontinental Cup)


All of the challenge stuff is from @jaysdailydose’s thread 


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Tottenham 0-1 Norwich


A great strike from Buendia won the game.


I saw that they were playing a 4231 wide so I played the anti inside forward tactic, and it worked wonders for us.

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Norwich 0-2 Liverpool


We looked good until the set piece goal by Mané late in the first half. Then Firmino got the cherry on top late in the second half.


Same tactic as they were playing the 4231, unfortunately the set pieces were unrelenting and that is something I will have to look at.

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Newcastle 0-1 Norwich


A great ranged stroke from defensive midfielder Vrancic was the difference maker


I moved the CM to the AM strata, and he had a great game.

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Burnley 0-2 Norwich


Finally Pukki shows his worth by scoring 2 off of GK mistakes.


Again the same tactic, Cantwell has not played well so I am thinking of changing his roles or PI’s.

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Norwich 2-1 Chelsea


another giant killing! Attacking set pieces were the way to victory for us, with a corner and a direct free kick from Buendia.


As they were playing a 4231 we played this formation.

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Norwich 0-0 Wolves


A draw is what I was playing for so this was perfect for me.


Dallas comes in for defensive cover for Lewis just in case Adama had any ideas :lol:

Krul sold


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Southampton 1-2 Norwich

A great team performance 


This is the lineup we walked out with, and Idah, the 5th academy graduate in our XI scored a brace!

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1 minute ago, manutdfan1999 said:

Looks like you are having an excellent start with Norwich. I did a save with them recently but didn’t have much success 

Thank you very much! I have found that we are a very topsy-turvy team.

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Sheffield United 3-0 Norwich


Red card.


The scouts said they were vulnerable to a 442, but they never told me Cantwell would try and end McBurnies career 20 minutes into the match.

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Matchday 1

Leicester 0-1 Norwich


Im going to be showing this screen this season as it just looks cleaner, but anyways it was a great performance from Onel.


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19 minutes ago, Deisler26 said:

Good luck man! It took me 5 seasons to win the Prem with Norwich!

Thank you! I think considering the Liverpool result it might take me longer :D

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Matchday 8

Crystal Palace 2-1 Norwich


Both fullbacks and Buendia will be getting dropped for the foreseeable future, they haven’t put up a good performance this season!


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