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Urotsukidojis Original Smog Won ECL EPL LC With Chelsea 4231

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Depends what league im in @basheer

EPL and in europe - 22 first team players. I dont judge them on quality, because if they werent quality they wouldnt be in my team. I dont judge on age. I judge on fitness. I will always play 100% over 97%

Lower Leagues - I sell all the rubbish and replace with quality. The problem with this is that small teams have small budgets, and sometimes 5%-25% transfer revenue available. This means i usually have a small but quality team. So grind it out with a first choice 11. You see what the pundits say on tv. Sat Tues Sat Tues. Its a mentality. I rest where i can with subsitutes and academy players

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Having tested most of your tactics, this one is the best.

I plugged it into season 2 I think of my AZ Alkmaar save while building up the club to be challengers in Europe. Damage was already done in season 2 and finished 2nd but after that with the evolution of my squad, this tactic consistently hammered the Dutch league. Struggled in Europe, fell out at group stage 2 or 3 times into Europa and lost to the big boys. Season 5 though, somehow glided straight through to the final and won it.



Moved onto Bayern now, used same tactic, raided AZ of course, first season domestically fine, just Europe to conquer next.

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