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Golden Generation unlock. FM TOUCH 20

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Hi just a general enquiry but also help.
With the golden generation unlock, how do you actually unlock it? Becuase the description says have to have at least 4 players brought through the ranks from when you joined and win the league with them. I did do that with Man Utd but didnt get the unlock so just need more clarification on what is meant by this and how to unlock it please.
Secondly, I brought the unlock on my 3rd 4t season now but right after the season started, does the unlock have an  immediate effect or will it kick in next season with the new intake?
Many thanks for your time and help would be really appreciated if you could me with this on FM 20 Touch on a Tab.


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In terms of activating you need to go to:

in game menu > store > wallet > scroll to the Golden generation unlockable and activate it. 

It will then take affect on your next youth intake.

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