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off the ball movement & making runs??

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In the case of the tactics you posted above, I'd suggest 3 things:


1) You're playing on Positive mentality plus higher tempo, so your tempo in buildup play is really high. This could be a reason your players simply don't have enough time to make runs. If everyone is instructed to rush the ball forward quickly (higher tempo on Positive mentality) then the attacks might often break down before your deeper players have the opportunity to make runs. I'd suggest lowering either mentality or tempo a notch.

2) I'd suggest to swap your 2 strikers' roles. Put the F9 left and the AF right. In that case you could create overloads on the left (with the MEZ, AM, F9 and the left WB) which the AF could exploit from the other side.

3) Check if you have the right players to make those runs. In your tactic those runs will primarily come from the MEZ, AM and the Wing Backs. Needless to say they all need Off the Ball, but they also need the mental (Decisions, Anticipation, Workrate) and the physical abilities (speed & stamina) to make those runs. In addition to those skills it might help if they have 'Gets forward whenever possible' as a trait.

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6 hours ago, rossenori said:

how do i get my players to move off the ball and make runs to create space? they all seem so static and never willing to make a run or even move into open space until a pass is played. 

If you're looking to exploit space more often, I'd suggest you to set your mentality to attacking in order to match your tempo and the 'directness' of your passes. With attacking mentality, every player takes more risks by pushing into spaces. I believe this way you can create more chances and have fluidity in your movements. 

In addition, I'd suggest you to set both your fullbacks to attacking because I know how painful this formation can be for attacking more spaces. This way you can stretch your opponents more. 

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Another consideration here is that if you're playing as Milan, you're facing a double whammy of:

  • Playing in Serie A, so overall, teams will play slower when in possession and often have extremely bottom-heavy formations
  • Since you're one of the Big Teams in the league, that will amplify their conservatism even more

Which adds up to it being likely that part of your problem is that there isn't much space to move into/pass into when you're fully in your possession phase. The suggestions above are good ones: lower tempo, make sure you're using the width of the pitch, and find your players that are the best levers for prising open recalcitrant defenses, then figure out how to get them into the right spots. Good luck!

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