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I'm in April in my 1st season and all my players current ability stars keep getting lower.

I'm Man Utd, Maguire was 3½ star and now 3.

All the players have gone down over the course of the season, I also bought Chiesa from Fiorentina in January when he was 4½ stars and now he's down to 4 stars.


I'm winning games and training reports for all players say they're training well, no downsides.

Anyone able to help me understand why this is happening? 


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There are a number of factors to this.

1. You may have signed better players in their position

2. In the case of chiesa your head scout probably has a better judging player ability compared with you ass man

Nevertheless, the star rating is just your ass man’s judgment of that player compared with other players in the squad. It doesn’t mean the player has decreased ability.

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In addition to what James_Fraser says: I also find that player ratings nudge up & down according to their form, for example I'm not playing Milner or Lallana regularly and so I've noticed their star rating has decreased by half over the past few months...in contrast to that those players who are playing have improved their star rating, so it's likely to be related to how often they play & perform in the 1st team.

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