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Non-EU players registration in Italian League

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Hi guys,

I encountered a problem related to the topic called back in the title. On June 30th I had two players in first squad who are considered extra-UE: Lyanco and Kessié. The Italian League rules are clear enough: "If a club has two non-EU players on June 30th of each season, including those soon to be out of contract but excluding those out on loan, they can only sign and register up to two new non-EU players to play in official matches; one who is subject to no restrictions and one who can only be signed if an existing non-EU players either leaves for a foreign team, sees his contract expire, or gains an EEA (European Economic Area) nationality". So I expected I can buy almost one non-EU player, and another one if I sell a non-EU player. 

On July 1st two extra-EU players returned from respective loans to a foreign country: Ibanez and Krunic. On the same date joined the team other players I bought in the past months, but nobody was non-EU. Only Angel Di Maria from PSG, who is Argentine but has an Italian second nationality, deserves to be mentioned. 

Then I tried to buy an extra-EU player from a foreign country, for example Alisson from Liverpool, but FM says me: "Signing Alisson would go against the following rule: Milan can only sign 1 non-EU player from abroad per season (currently 1)". It means that my first non-EU slot was taken by another player: and who is this player? Really I don't know. As I mentioned before, I haven't bought any non-EU player so I don't understand what's happening. Can you help me?

Thanks in advance.

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