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I was unsure as to whether to put this in here or the 'good player & team guide' forum. As it's not directly regarding a save as Brentford, I chose to put it in here. So, apologies if its in the wrong place 

Basically, as Brentford scrapped their youth team in real life, is it possible for them to get an u18 side down the line? 

Secondly, what happens to the youth intake? Does it go straight into the u23 side instead? 

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You can get an Under 18 team - I managed Brentford and applied to the board for one, and the next season got one. Sadly, it lead to a "promise" to play more youth players in the first team and the next season (two months after the first intake) I was sacked despite winning the league by a mile and playing a lot of teenagers (bought in) all season - for failing the promise to play youngsters.

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When you take charge at Brentford the U18 team is there, all English clubs have the first team-U23-U18 setup until SI decide to change things in future editions, you just have no staff at that level, are not entered into any competitions and there is no expectation from the owner to start youth recruitment. The game will also allocate some of the younger 'B' team players to the U18s when you start a save, I always move them to the U23s/B team to maintain realism.

If you get promoted to the Premier League the club needs to finance the lowest level of academy to comply with PL rules, and in my experience as time goes by you can request upgrades that the board usually agree too. It'll take a few years and a lot of investment before any useful lads come through though :)

Any youth intake will go into the U18s, if you stay in the Championship you (presumably, I always get promoted!!) have the choice of trying to get investment in youth recruitment but your finances are tight, I'd concentrate what money is available in other areas personally.

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