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Training priority and coaches attention

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This is probably one for the training/SI gurus such as @Seb Wassell.

I'm trying to understand priority and coaches attention in the training section. I've read the manual and the two pinned threads (well, the first few posts, not all them). It's been hard work.

My team has 100% priority in a team session, but my primary unit only receives 60% in a unit session. Does this mean a player in the primary unit during unit training receives less training that anyone in a team session?

The question about team vs unit training generally, but I'll illustrate with an example. I'm going to use some percentages in the example, but they are there to illuminate my argument. I don't want or need to know what the actual numbers are.

Let's compare the General->Tactical training schedule with the Tactical->Attacking Shadow Play schedule.
General->Tactical has one training group - "All Players", which has 100% priority. 
Tactical->ASP has three training units - "Attacking", with 60% priority, "Defending" with 20% priority, and "Goalkeeping" with 20% priority.

For the purposes of my question let's assume that both schedules train the same attributes, tactical familiarity and other parameters. 
Let's say I've a 25 players in the first team. 3 GKs, 11 in the defending unit and 11 in the attacking unit.

Let's look at the effect on a player in the attacking unit. There's two different ways I can look at this which give significantly different outcomes.

The first way is that, under General->Tactical, a player will receive 100% of the coaches' attention whereas under Tactical->ASP, the player will receive 60% of the coaches' attention. Therefore he will receive 66% (100/60) more attention from General->Tactical than Tactical->ASP. This strikes me as wrong.

The second way is that the coaches' attention is equally divided amongst the players in the training unit. Under General->Tactical, he receives 100% attention / 25 players = 4% of the coaches' attention. Under Tactical->ASP, he receives 60% attention / 11 players = 5.45% of the coaches' attention.  Therefore he will receive 36% (5.45/4) more training from Tactical->ASP than General->Tactical.
The second way seems correct, almost obviously so, until you consider the GK training group. Under General->Tactical, he receives 100% attention / 25 players = 4% of the coaches' attention. Under Tactical->ASP, he receives (20% attention / 3 players)= 6.66% of the coaches' attention, significantly more than a player in the primary attacking focus group.

To reiterate, this isn't just a question about General->Tactical and Tactical->ASP, they're just examples. It is a question about team vs unit training generally.

Further thoughts - a possible third way. It could well be that the first way is generally correct, but the player only receives 33% of the coaches attention during team training. In other words, team training is actually unit training where each unit is treated equally, and each unit receives a third of the coaches' attention. In Tactical->ASP training, the primary unit gets approximately 82% more coaching compared to a team training session (60/33), where the others get about 40% (20/33) less coaching than they receive in a General->Tactical training session. This would work out in line with everything we've been told about team vs unit training. However, this requires me to arbitrarily change 100% in the training screen to 33%.

The more I think about it, the more I think the third way is correct.  However, I've had to expend a significant amount of effort to get to this conclusion, and I still don't know if I'm right. 

I don't need to know the precise precise percentages, I just want to know how I should be interpreting the information that I'm being presented with.

So, how does coaching priority and unit training work?

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