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FM 2020: British League Queries


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I have been working on a 11 Level British Pyramid and National Team with Clubs, Cities, Regions etc from Scotland and Wales moving to England and England becoming Great Britain. Premier League-League 2 remain (made in new structure) but I have made new competitions for Levels 5-11. When testing basic nation rules it says all rules are valid. However when I go to run it in advanced rules I just get a blank pop up message and and OK button (attached below)

When I launch the game the 3 nations mentioned show blank with a red triangle next to them. I get the error on the first attached image. With exception of the Premier League (which I've changed to 22 teams) I have made all competitions showing in the error extinct and changed type to inactive competition in the editor and have edited the eng.xml (did sco.xml and wal.xml too) in basic comps to ensure all leagues I don't want are as follows:

<integer id="minimum_number_teams" value=“0”/>

<integer id="maximum_number_teams" value=“0”/>

<boolean id="next_season" value="false"/>

<boolean id="use_min_or_max" value="false"/>

<boolean id="ignore_minor_teams" value="false"/>

I have created a new comp editor.fmf and replaced the original. I have cleared Cache and Preferences for FM2020 and Editor.


Always get the same error when launching. Any help would be appreciated

Screen Shot 2020-07-09 at 12.44.34.png

Screen Shot 2020-07-09 at 12.54.27.png

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I managed to fix these issues through a bit of trial and error. Just have a few minor things to fix and improve.


Cup Dates for FA and League Cup: Tried to match the original dates from 19/20 as close as possible (some minor tweaks due to the rules I want). Issue I am getting is Cup dates. My base year for all competitions is 2019 so have entered match dates as they were originally planned for in real life. However my FA Cup Final which is scheduled for 23 May 2020 keeps on getting played on 20 May and League Cup Final is scheduled for 1st March keeps on getting played on 26th February.


Any ideas?

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You choose that when setting up the cup in Basic Rules. That means all cupmatches are played on (say) a Wednesday.

Check specifically for the Final date and move to that to the preferred date.

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