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Will Football manager 2021 be on Geforce Now?

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I know this has been asked a bit in the past but no answers so was wondering if there is any updates as to weather FM 2021 will be on geforce now?

2019 is on it but 2020 isn't due to exclusivity to stadia I believe.  I imagine 2021 will be on stadia again but am reluctant to buy it twice (for stadia and steam). Where as with geforce now you can buy it on steam and use it on your PC and then on any other device's such as phone with geforce now.


For my lifestyle it would be perfect to be able to use it on GFN when I'm not able to get to my PC. Apparently FM 2019 works wonderfully on GFN and the ability to play the full version on a phone or tablet is great

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Have had this same thought myself, have even thought about trying shadow for fm20 through steam as going through stadia processing wise so quickly has made my currant laptop seem deathly slow which it is in comparison 

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It's too early to answer to your question.

However, I would tend to say that FM 21 will not be available on GeForce Now.

I strongly believe that Sega did not reach an agreement with Nvidia or more likely signed an exclusive contract with Google. Since 31st May no more Football Manager games are available on Geforce Now. This means that Football Manager 2018, Football Manager Touch 2018 and Football Manager 2019 have been removed from the Nvidia streaming platform.

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I would love to see it on geforce Now, too.

I play it on Linux with Proton, since they stopped developing a Linux  Version of the FM. Which is very sad. But as long as Proton works I'm still able to play. Anyway please opt in for geforce now SI. I would not use Stadia. Why should I buy games on Steam and Google. I really do not know what brainiacks think the people spent their money twice. Honestly show a heart for your fans and release it on every platform. Do not make any exclusive deals. That is not consumer friendly. So please support geforce now. 



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