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Little FM things that annoy you...

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1) Lightening fast wingers (or fast wingbacks) 5 meters in front of the nearest defender waiting waiting and waiting to cross, until he gets blocked by a defender with half his pace. 

2) Possession! How can mediocre teams have 60% against you and you simply cant get the ball off of them no matter how you play. Happens too often. Possession I find quite strange in this game. Yes I understand against top clubs sometimes ... but not teams far inferior to you. 

3) Playing cautious, slow down pace and time wasting and the team hoofs the ball clear with no danger in sight.... all the time.

4) Winning the League, Champions League, FA Cup and League cup two years in a row and haven't once had an A from the board in that time.

5) Random goals coming out of nowhere. This was something that happened by far the most in the lower leagues when you started out and continued until you built a very good team. I wish I had known that the AI is incapable to naturally show you why you are conceding goals. Because of a mathematical formula, it is decided that you have to loose points in a certain game and the game will do this at random. I would have enjoyed the game so much more if I had know that this is the way the game shows you that your team is not quite good enough yet. Don't try to make any sense out of it! It will almost not happen anymore once you build a world class team. 

6) By far my biggest hate is stadiums. This element is so awful I don't know where to start. Having a new stadium built or a stadium expanded is for me an absolute highlight of a manager career. You are looking forward to this a (game) year in advance and when it finally happens it is the biggest let down. If the stadium is finalized in the summer break it can even take months before you even see your new stadium. Not that there is much to see, as your 55.000 capacity stadium is 4 stands with a dull dystopian looking suburb showing between the open corners. (a stadium with open corners????) After an expansion the stadium showed no change whatsoever .... still open corners. For me personally it would take so little effort to massively boost the user experience of the stadium changes. I mean .... not even a small introduction to what will now be your new fortress? If SI insist on having no interesting graphics whatsoever included in-game .... then maybe just some information how your stadium ranks compared to others in terms of capacity and facilities? Imagine what a small video could do? Imagine having an introduction like in the below link below on the date the stadium is announced or finalized. It could revitalize your excitement for your save completely.

Question: I requested a stadium expansion 2 seasons ago as the stadium had been sold out for many seasons and it was denied because of finances. Since then the option to request has not been available even though the club has plenty of money. Will it appear again sometime?


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