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Resigning as club manager when taking over a national team


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It's a suggestion for a change that's quite minor. But I think when you receive an offer to take over a nation team, there should be different options than what are currently available. Since it is more realistic that a manager would quit their role at a club if they were taking over as a national team manager, I think it would be better to have the option to resign from your current club when accepting a job offer. 

Currently you can just resign before or after accepting the job offer, but the game doesn't currently understand that you are resigning because you're now managing another team. You still get the same interview about your departure from a club like you would with a normal resignation.

When offered the national team job, the inbox item should have 3 buttons with different options. The current options of accept and decline, and then a third to accept and resign as ________ manager. As I said, it's a minor change that could be added to the game, but I think it's something that would still be an improvement.

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