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U18 manager not playing my top prospect

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Is there a way I can guarantee my 17 y/o top prospect gets played in U18s? I've got Bruno Saltor as their manager, so his attributes should be decent enough for him to judge ability correctly, but a player who's playing regularly for his U20 national team still barely sees any playing time in the U18s. It's also not the case of my U18 team being filled with players, I only keep my best prospects and the rest are greyed out players, who I'd hope he wouldn't pick over my 5-star potential youngster... I've also manually selected his position, but that looks like it has no influence over who he picks whatsoever.

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Does he fit in role wise to the tactic being played in the U18's? If you go to Dev Centre, U18's tactics, you can select if the team plays your first team tactic or the U18's managers preferred, could help. 

Despite being 17, is he classed as O18 in the squad? Depends on their date of birth not their listed current age. If playing in a U18 comp he will be limited to the amount of these he can play (think it's 2 or 3). 

Couple of guesses if that helps. 

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3 hours ago, Mercia said:

If you go to Dev Centre, U18's tactics, you can select if the team plays your first team tactic or the U18's managers preferred, could help.

I can't find that option anywhere, where exactly is it?

If I click on the Dev Centre and then U18s, it says "You're in control of one or more areas of the U18s", there's no options to select. The only thing I want to control is the U18 Individual Training though and that's also how my responsibilities are set up.



If I go into U18s Tactics, it's my tactic that's locked in, although I'd prefer him to use his preferred formation instead. In previous FMs I could create a tactic for them, but now all the options are greyed out.


Found it, but I had to give him full control of U18s, including the Individual Training... Not sure what sense does this make. :seagull:


I've set up a tactic that suits my prospects, hopefully that makes him play them regularly.

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17 minutes ago, Mercia said:

You're not seeing this option under Dev Centre > Under 18's > Tactics?

Yeah, I found it now, but had to give up Individual Training control. If you control any part of U18s whatsoever, you don't see that screen and it's your tactic that gets locked in automatically for some reason.

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Ok, I've set up a tactic most suited to my prospects and they're now being played regularly, which is great. However, there is one slight inconvenience... In order for me to be able to select their tactic, not only do I need to give U18 manager full control of all training (otherwise the screen for selecting their tactic simply isn't there), I can also only select tactics from my senior team's tactic slots, meaning third slot is now taken with a tactic my senior team will never play. In previous FMs you could simply select a formation you wanted your U18 manager to play and that had nothing to do with your senior team's tactics or training.


@Seb Wassell @Neil Brock Is there a way to influence what tactic U18s play without having to set up one in one of the three senior team's tactic slot?

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