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Suggestion - Optional squad registration rules for FMT


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One thing that really bugs me about FMT is the lack of squad registration rules. By which I mean things like the 25 man squad for champions league where you need 4 home grown players (or leave gaps). 

Also where leagues have slightly different rules on this from each other it would be great to have that in FMT to add the interest / challenge already available in the full game. As it stands apart from a few exceptions, the leagues are all much of a muchness which spoils long term immersion in saves and the challenge of long term squad building.

I can't see how squad registration would be particularly impactful on game performance so am assuming it falls into the category of features left out to make the game simpler?

For that reason my suggestion is to make this feature optional at new game setup time, so those who have no interest can skip it for their saves. 

What do people think?

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