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Transfer Value Timing & Strategy

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I'm playing as Fulham and trying to bring in Gouri, Pellegri, Soumare and Trincao on loan in season one. I'm trying to get them for as cheap as I can and the cheapest way of doing that seems to be to offer them to come on loan with an optional fee of £15m, £26m, £6m, £18m respectively. What I'd like to know is do these prices I've been quoted change as the transfer window goes on... i.e. if I leave it until the last day, will their clubs accept cheaper optional fees or are these set and stay the same throughout the window? 

Their values are all in the £1m range but their clubs all want ridiculous fees, even more so for permanent transfers like £42m for Pellegri... does anyone have any tips for negotiating these cheaper? 




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To my knowledge, the agreed fee is in the loan contract and will not change contractually.  It could be that the loaning team may be tempted by a lower fee close to the transfer deadline if they are keen to offload the player, but to be honest, I have never tested this.  What a club asks for and what they will take will rarely be the same so it is all about negotiating

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If I arrange a high option to buy after the loan fee of say £15m, how likely is it that I can then make a normal transfer bid below this at the end of the season and have it accepted? Or do they always just insist you pay what the option fee is? 


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