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Set Pieces vs Open play goals

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Does the game balance out the amount of goals scored over a season?

So I set up my set pieces and they're super effective. Does it take away from scoring goals in open play?

Last season and the start of this, I would say 80% of my goals have been from set pieces and pens.

If I rest my set pieces to make them less effective am I likely to see more open play goals?

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The thing about the game that seems weird to me, just as a layman, is that, its really easy to create a tactic where you sit deeper, play through balls and get your striker in one on one vs the goalkeeper.

But then, the goalkeeper is always massively overpowered in a one on one situation and saves more one on ones than he should do, almost like its that way to balance out the fact its EASIER to get one on one with the goalkeeper than it should be.

With set pieces, i wouldnt say they are overpowered, but i think goal tallies in general are lower than you might see in real life

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Just now, Captain Cabinets said:

I leave my set pieces completely blank and comfortably score 3/4 of all goals through set pieces / knock downs & deflections from set pieces. Most other chances just seem to be smashed into the side-netting.

Ah, well that was going to be my next move - resetting all my set pieces to see if it helped.

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Default free kicks are overpowered in 20 IMO, you can see that in the amount the AI score from them. They look great mind, so I can't complain too much. 

Corners have always been a bit more difficult and require some tinkering to get the best out of, I notice when you do they tend to come in clusters. 

Currently in my save I have redone my corners and in 11 matches my 2 CB's have scored 5 and 7 respectively, even overturning a deficit and winning a game through just corners. 

but I do expect a dry spell still with that, and not see any for a while, so it may balance things out in the background? I don't think so though. 

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Set Pieces is overpowered since FM19. I don't remember any version of game having so much power with SP. Not only for AI, but from my side as well. 

Create a long throw in, 90% AI will not know how to defend this. Plus Near Post corner routine. 

To balance out things, indirect free kick far post for AI is nearly perfect - for seminar - even with amateur players. 


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Well, if your team is naturally suited to set pieces, you'll probably score a decent percentage of your goals from them whatever you do. Removing "play for set pieces" will, of course, reduce the chance your team attempts to convert a possible (albeit low likelihood) play on a goal into a set piece attempt. Apart from that, all you can do is tinker with your tactics to the point where you're getting a lot of chances per game, and ensure that your strikers have the necessary skills to exploit those chances, and are mentally prepared to do so. Oftentimes, if your striker had a bad time in the prior match, missing out on like 5 chances and 4 half chances, and you discipline him for it, he'll bang in a hat trick on the next match to make a statement. If you play a counter attack and your striker constantly fluffs one-on-ones, you can teach him to round or lob the keeper and he'll usually make half of the shots he was missing before, no sweat. Can always gear your team to be a threat with long shots - a strategy that many seem to avoid, but can work exceedingly well.

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