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Changing kits yearly

Brother Ben

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Basically I have made my own team in the pre-game editor and have made dozens of 2D and 3D kits for the team 

I seem to remember Arsenal having a maroon kit that would override the users kit unless you amended the config like this

<record from="602" to="graphics/pictures/team/602/kits/home/2009"/>
<record from="602" to="graphics/pictures/team/602/kits/home/2010"/>
<record from="602" to="graphics/pictures/team/602/kits/home/2011"/>
<record from="602" to="graphics/pictures/team/602/kits/home/2012"/>
<record from="602" to="graphics/pictures/team/602/kits/home/2013"/>

So I would do something like

<record from="arse1" to="graphics/pictures/team/602/kits/home/2019"/>
<record from="arse2" to="graphics/pictures/team/602/kits/home/2020"/>
<record from="arse3" to="graphics/pictures/team/602/kits/home/2021"/>
<record from="arse4" to="graphics/pictures/team/602/kits/home/2022"/>
<record from="arse5" to="graphics/pictures/team/602/kits/home/2023"/>

So is there a way for me to have say 10 kits that change yearly in the game and if so what do I need to do in the editor to make it happen?

Thanks in advance


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