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FMM - iScout PGE - Deleting Players


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Hi all, 

I would like to create a retro mobile database. The latest editor for FMM I can find is iScout PGE for 2017.

I am willing to create all the players required to play the First Division in England in 1990/1991. I reckon this would be about 400 players, for about 16 per team plus enough overseas players to add some interest.

However, the englandsolo database for FMM2017 contains over 7,000 players. Editing them all to 1990 identities would be just too much work. So I would like to delete them all and start again.

I have tried clearing the relevant .dat files, but that doesn't work. There is also no delete option within the editor.

Does anyone know how I might delete all the players?

Also, does anyone know of a later or different Mobile PGE?

Thank you in advance - and advice or thoughts would be deeply appreciated.

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Sorry mate, no discussion on external editors. It is SI pre-game and in-game editor only on this forum.

For that reason locked. Any questions can be send via PM if needed.

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