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Pre-game Editor


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I'd like it if the Pre-game Editor could go back to how it used to be regarding a lot of things.

For a start, remove the current mechanism that prevents you making any other edits after removing exising edits / the prompt that forces you to reload the database after removing existing edits, or at least make it optional.
I assume this was put in because of people complaining edits 'didn't work' due to misuse (see example):


Take the following example:
You want to change Passing from 13 to 15, and you already have an edit that changes Passing from 13 to 14. You delete the edit and, without reloading the database, then change the Passing attribute from 14 to 15.
This makes the only edit "Passing: 14>15" but when you load the save, because the attribute starts at 13, this edit would not work.
People such as myself would use a workaround pre-FM20 Editor, to override this without having to reload the database - we would change the attribute back to 13 first, then change it to 15.
Therefore, there would then be three edits: "Passing: 13>14", "Passing: 14>13" and "Passing: 13>15". We would then delete the first two edits.

but not all of us were so clueless in our operation of the editor, and by forcing us to reload the database after removing edits, editing itself can now often be a very long and tedious operation.

Secondly I'd like to be able to add contracts, loans, future transfers etc. For some reason this is no longer possible unless copying and pasting. Again, I assume this is to avoid cheating which is fair enough, but the whole point of the editor is for us to change the game to suit how we wish to play it, surely? I want to add a future transfer for Lennart Grill to Bayer Leverkusen, I can't.

FInally, I'd like to be able to add/edit/remove a club's retired shirt numbers, which I think should really have been an option from the start, at the very least in-game, at the very least in the in-game editor which we pay for to do things like this, and yet we are currently (to the best of my knowledge) unable to change this in any way using any tool in-game or otherwise. This has been made all the more frustrating this year when the research team got it wrong and retired Leverkusen's #12 shirt, which has prevented me from being able to play the game with Edmond Tapsoba using his own shirt number. It isn't a big deal in itself but these kind of things are (I thought) the reason we have the pre-game and in-game editor.

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