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FM20 Touch English League 2 "The Three C's"

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Good Afternoon 

First time posting in here but wanted to try it out.  Me and two friends have started a FM 2020 Touch file.  My Team Cambridge Utd and my friends teams Colchester Utd and Cheltenham Town.  League 2 trying to climb to the top!.

We have already finished the first season so i have some breaking news stories i made below to help you through what happened.


So as you can see was a funny season! 

I as Cambridge Utd which was first estimated to finish 21st, got to 5th in the first season.  Playoffs were an excitment to say the least.  I won on pentalites after 2 legs againest Mansfield.  Then in the final beat Leyton Orient 3-0 to gain promotion to League 1.

My friend who was Colchester Utd didn't really start off very well but flouished in the second half of the season.  Finally finshed 8th one place outside the playoffs.  To add in the last news update you can see he got sacked and is now joined Crewe still in League 2.

My other friend who was Cheltenham had an average season. He finally finished in 12th mid table.

We currently play every Sunday and Tuesday.  I will update this thread on the days following this.  I will also include more pictures and screenshots of the file in my next post.

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  • Steely1987 changed the title to FM20 Touch English League 2 "The Three C's"
9 hours ago, Nobby_McDonald said:

It doesn't look like a funny season. Looks like the FM logo and four football pitches.

Not the response i was going for but ill take it! 

I will give a better update tomorrow. (Hopefully)  Any tips as this is the first time doing this.  Learning curve for me!

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Maybe post some screenshots of tables, squads, manager profiles, just a bit more detail and info about things really.

It would be interesting to follow 3 managers competing but in fairness your pics only gave us headlines, that is good but some other stuff is needed.:thup:

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Looking forward to seeing the table update seeing as my Cheltenham team is now top after 20 games in season 2...

Well worth my contract extension, if you ask me :brock:

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So here we go.  

I will start with league table from the first season.


So the final table of the first season. 


Teams were Cambridge, Colchester and Cheltenham first season.

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Things looked very bleak for Cambridge after those first 3 months, great recovery.

Doing great this season, what has happened to the Crewe manager?

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Thanks yeah was tough at the start of the season trying to find a system that suited the players i had and what could turn that awful form around.  Found it with a 5-3-2 and havent looked back since. 

Crewe Manager is still here just the last game we played on tuesday was FA cup replys so he had already got through and logged off.  So the screenshots do not highlight his team then.

Back again on Sunday to see if we all can push on and hopefully all gain promotion.

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Indeed! But you guys are better off than me at the moment! Got some big games coming up!

Also just noticed in my fixtures Wycombe are my bogey team! Beat me in Carabao Cup first round.  I drew againest them in the league at home then lost away! 

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A tight battle for Cambridge but chances are looking good for automatic promotion spot, things looking great for Crewe and Cheltenham, Crewe.

Keep up the great work.

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So We have the final places in the league!


So Crewe was Promoted to the championship.  Cheltenham got to the playoffs's as well as Cambridge! 


Unfortunately as you see above Cheltenham just stumbled at the last hurdle!.


Also some sad news Cambridge stumbled at the semi final stage!

But also some more sad news for Cheltenham.  They got to the final of the Leasing.com trophy only to not get through that.






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Season 4 Preview!

Big Manager change! 

Cheltenham Manager Jimbo Manzini has moved to championship side Watford to do battle with Crewe and Cambridge.


See the Manager profiles.

Preview of the season:


As you can see for Cambridge still the Media unsure on there future even after finishing 6th last season.

Newly promoted Crewe are predicted to finish above them.  Where as Watford are due an automatic promotion spot.

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