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Have these glitches been fixed?

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I'm actually still on 2019, my games has lasted well. Before I rush out and get 2020 I want to know if some glitches are still present. These were present in previous versions too:

When i take over a new club, players who are unhappy with the manager (eg no faith or feels boss should be more patient with staff) remain with this status. There seems nothing to do to please them, so usually have to sell to keep team harmony up.

There's an awful glitch with team colours on create a team mode. I left my created team and the colours of that team changed to whichever team I took over afterwards, rather than the colours I assigned when creating it.

VAR decisions keep running on in the commentary after the gameplay resumes, so the decision is apparent before the comment  comes up.

There's a few others which I can't remember right now! 

Playing on a Samsung Galaxy S8.


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