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DoF: showing possible needs for action


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I would like to see the Director of Football giving us more support in planning the squad by anticipating and listing possible needs for action.

For example, he could say in front of a transfer window: Several clubs are currently interested in the following players (rumours). Club Z in particular is said to be very interested in player A. It is possible that a concrete offer can be expected when the market starts to move. If we should sell the player and not replace him internally, we have to be prepared. Since our shortlist currently contains no or hardly any candidates for the position of the player as a possible replacement, I propose to place the following short-term scouting assignments. 

Or: The candidates on the shortlist have not been observed for a long time. Their reports should be better updated.

Or/and: When player contracts expire, something similar could happen and be suggested. 

So to speak, when the scenario of a transfer occurs or a decision about contracts has been made, one should not be completely unprepared.

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