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FM19 customer database help..


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Hey I need some help on FM19.. databases... I created Luxembourg nation rules, it’s been verified. I increased the number of teams to 84. The issue is now in game in the FA cup type comp! I set it up, so that 8 teams went into a qualification round, those winners (4) were then joined by another 28 teams in a 2nd qualification round, and in total those 32 teams battled it out to reach a group stage of 16 groups 4 teams in each, where those 16 winners met the final 48 seeded teams. As you can see that totals to 84 teams.. yet in the group stage none of the top division teams have made it, and I noticed every team in the first qualification round qualified for the 2nd qualification round despite 4 obviously losing, and I also noticed that the groups only have 15 groups of 4 which is 60 teams not 64 (16 + 48 is what it should be after those 2 qualification rounds). What has happened? And how do I stop eliminated teams from re-entering the cup? And why hasn’t it added the premier division to the cup? Even though it shows in the rules for the cup? Thanks 🙏

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To help explain there’s;

1 premier division (14 teams)

1 championship division (14 teams)

2 division 1 north and south (14 + 14 teams in each league

2 division 2 north and south (14 + 14 teams in each league.

by the looks of things it’s missing the premier division

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You build this in Basic or Advanced?

Converting to Advanced might solve your issue. It has been noted that in Basic Rules the cup settings with seeding are having issues.

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I’ve managed to play around with the advanced rules.. and I can now confirm that premier and championship teams enter at the group stage which is what I wanted.

One issue that still happens is that in the qualification round to make up the numbers some div1 teams need to be in it, noticed that some are being knocked out and still qualify for the group stage.

because I set a rule in qualifying round that:

“pick random div1 teams”


in the group stage, I had to use a rule that:

“Pick the best teams in div1”

Seems some of those teams are crossing over (which makes sense).

is there a setting I can choose where once a team is eliminated they cannot re-enter??

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I think you're going about this the wrong way.  You shouldn't really pick random teams from a division, then later choose the best teams from that same division.

Instead you might want to get all of the teams once, and give them a bye.  Based on an SI file this should be possible.  See screenshot:


You can enter more teams into a round than can actually play in that round.  In this case, one team from this cup round gets a bye to the next round.  In your case, you would get all Division 1 and 2 teams, 20 of those teams should get a bye, joining the 16 teams who get through via winning and the 28 remaining higher division teams that qualify at this stage automatically.

I've just given this a try and it works:


Picked all 71 Football League teams, but only played 23 matches (effectively handing 25 byes).


The game then picks 46 teams from this list for the 23 matches.  In order to get this to work for multiple divisions, I had to use the Qualify team for comp setting which I then set to random so it would pick any team from that list as potential first rounders:

 image.thumb.png.5615bc40953ba40a5741f37810ce4989.png  image.thumb.png.38d5f01cf8d4669640b7a9dd8bbde358.png 

In your case you'd then have the group stage where you pick the winners of the qualifying round plus the additional teams that didn't enter.  I can't test if those teams that had byes will go through, but it's worth a try to see if it works.

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