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Using Team Report for Setting Scouting Focus


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As much as I like the Team Report, unfortunately it has one major disadvantage in my point of view: Although it contains a lot of information, there is no way to make it a direct basis for subsequent actions. Let's take Borussia Dortmund's Team Report at the beginning of the season as an example: 


On the weaknesses side, the following information is of particular relevance to me: bravery and aggression are areas of concern. 

How can I handle such weaknesses? On the one hand I could use training (and mentoring) to work on it collectively, on the other hand I could specifically improve these areas through new signings by paying attention to them already during scouting. But I have to keep these areas of concern in my mind by my own to take them into account. Therefore it would be very useful and user friendly if I could already influence scouting (or training) focus at this point.


Clicking on "Scouting Focus", here as an example, could open the General Scouting Focus: Here it would need a new option, something like "consider team report", where you can adjust areas of concern. 


More in detail, I could start an assignment directly. Here it would need a new drop down menu aspect, maybe below "fits tactic", like "consider team report", where the areas of concern are automatically activated. 


Overall, the Team Report should and could form the basis for further action. I think it would increase the relevance even more if the information could be used directly - even and especially when the human brain does not need to be used as a buffer.



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