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Add custom nation and league in UCL and Europa

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Hi guys,

I edited Andorra nation and added a single league with 25 teams and 1 Main cup. I want top 6 qualification spots for UCL and Europa like the EPL. How do i go around that they get added to UCL after first season ends?

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You have three ways.

a) The most fascinating, and with being so true to the nation, playing a team and raising the coefficients of the club you are going to manage, and hoping the rest of the qualified teams do well, so the nations qualifiers rise to the top 6, more or less.

b) Raising the coefficients of the nation in the editor, so they can be in the top 6, but IF, and a big IF, the clubs playing in the three euro competitons are not doing well, the country will fall from it.

c) deducting the coefficients of all the countries that are higher than yours, but as they possesses better teams and leagues with better reputations, they will rise again in a matter of years in your save.

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